A Composition done by a Primary 6 student

Based on the situation and points given and drawing reference from the words and phrases given , write a composition of at least 150 words.

"The school bell had just rung and it was time for students to be dismissed from school. Students, eager to make their way home, rushed out of school. You were likewise about to home when you suddenly noticed a commotion at the school gate."

Some points you can think about:
-What was the commotion about?
-Who were involved in the commotion?
-What did the bystanders do?
-What happened in the end?

     The school bell rang and the only thing that could be heard was the screeching of chairs being pushed back abruptly against the floor, and the excited chatter of students eager to get home. Everybody rushed towards the stairs, and ran out of the school gate.

     On my way out, I suddenly noticed a commotion at the school gate. Many pupils were present and some who were too short, stood on tiptoes. Out of curiosity , I made a beeline towards the crowd. "I did not do that on purpose!" I heard a boy say. I pushed my way through the crowd, and finally got to the front.

     Two big and burly boys stood facing one another and they glared at each other menacingly. I recognised one of them as a notorious boy in school, Ben. He had gotten himself into trouble many times, mostly due to fighting, and it looked like a fight was going to break out any moment.

     I was right. Ben made the first move. He punched the other boy in the face and said, "There, Danny, this is what you get for not saying sorry!" Danny froze momentarily, before kicking Ben in the shin. Both of them then started hurling vulgarities at each other.

     The crowd gasped when Ben whipped out a penknife from his pocket. He brandished it, and the shiny stainless steel blade gleamed in the sunlight. Danny held up his hands in defeat and backed away. However Danny was not fast enough and Ben cut his forehead! My eyes opened wide in shock as I saw blood stream down Danny's forehead. An ominous rage seemed to have taken hold of Danny and he drew in his breath with a long hiss. Danny then kicked Ben's leg a few times, before hitting him hard on the chest, causing Ben to fall. Ben's leg must have twisted as he fell. A sickening crack was heard and I saw Ben's leg lying at such an awkward angle that it was apparent that it was broken. Ben let out a shocked gasp before fainting. Danny too, clutched his forehead and collapsed to the ground.

     A few pupils called for the ambulance immediately. After what seemed like an eternity, we could hear the incessant wailing of an ambulance. Paramedics climbed out of the ambulance, and ran towards Ben and Danny. The paramedics' eyes widened in shock when they saw the horrendous bloodstains on Danny's clothes. They carried both boys onto the stretchers and drove off. The crowd slowly dispersed, with some students shaking their heads as they walked away.

     The next day, our principal, Mrs Tan, talked about the fight. She said that the boys were lucky to have got to the hospital in the nick of time. Both boys would be suspended for a month as a result of their recalcitrant behaviour. Mrs Tan also told us not to follow in their footsteps. Ben and Danny were punished for their errant act and I hoped that I would never have to witness such a gruesome incident ever again.


Done By:
Tay Han Lin (Singapore Chinese Girls' School)