Many students often find writing a daunting task and thus are not able to excel in the "Composition Writing" element of their English Examinations. Our Creative Writing Programmes are thus specially designed by our English Language Curriculum Development Specialists to achieve the following objectives:

- To inculcate in students the ability to write expressively by greatly enhancing a     student's vocabulary command.

- To build a student's confidence with regards to his or her ability to write well    through the study of a rage of different styles of writing.

- To teach students to appreciate the beauty of language and inspirational literature.

- To help students discover the joy of effective self-expression and to ace the     "Composition Writing" element in their respective examinations since our programmes    have been designed to complement the latest MOE guidelines on Creative Writing

The following are sample pieces of some of the compositions done by our students.
The words and phrases in italics are examples of the "Vocabulary Enhancing Excellent Phrases" taught to students to help them excel for "Composition Writing".